Tony Lorino – Monday-Friday

Tony is our weeknight host on Throwback Nation Radio and a self-proclaimed connoisseur of throwback music! After hosting and programming radio stations around the Midwest and Southeast, he’s taken the reigns of Throwback Nation Radio every night to feature your favorite songs from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, all by request.  And since Tony grew up listening to all these songs as a kid, he’ll make sure to weave in a few stories from back in the day as well.  He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife Kate, who is far too good for him.



Danny Hustle – Saturday & Sunday

When you grab your group of friends together and there’s one guy in the corner always trying to pick the next song on iTunes – THAT is Danny Hustle.  Danny is a longtime broadcaster, weather junkie, and master of the juke box, always trying to play the right song that fits the mood.  And, when he’s not digging through crates of vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and digital music files, he’s forecasting the weather for his own meteorology service based in the Kansas City area.

Listen for Danny weekends on Throwback Nation Radio, and you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the special songs from back in the day he picks out for you!



Zoe T. Goldendoodle – Vice President of Programming

She looks like the Queen, she acts like the Queen, and she holds court in the studio until she’s fed with the finest milk bones like the queen… or until she needs to go outside… whichever comes first.

Zoe T. Goldendoodle helps review all of the songs we play on Throwback Nation Radio and come up with the features and requests on the show.  And although she has asked us to play more Snoop Dogg, we’ve gently relented.  (She’ll bark about it later.)

In her free time away from the studio, she likes to fetch anything that squeaks, enjoys sending out warning barks from the couch whenever an Amazon delivery arrives, and insists on riding in the front seat of the car. (See picture to the left.)