Meet Tony Lorino

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Just like you, Tony grew up on a diet of great music from the 80s, and ’90s, and since 2018, he’s been putting OUR music front and center every night on Throwback Nation Radio.  No matter where you listen – or when you listen – Tony is committed to making your evening sound the best it possibly can with your requests.

A Midwest native, Tony grew up in a BIG Italian family with lots of noise, so don’t be afraid to call or text your Throwback request to 877-909-1989.  He’s not shy, and he’s not afraid to dig in the vault for your favorite song!

Outside of work, Tony is married to Kate (who is way out of his league).  When he’s not juggling Throwbacks, he’s juggling life with his five-year old old twins, Andrew and Charlotte, and his rescue dog Buddy, and trying to win at Fantasy Football.  (That’s still a stretch.)

Join Tony Lorino on Throwback Nation Radio and reach out to GET YOUR THROWBACK ON anytime!