Did you know _______ was a veteran?

A salute to our MUSICAL vets today!

This Veterans Day, we pay tribute to the sacrifices from those who have served in  our armed forces, their family and friends, and everyone who has supported their mission.  And on tonight’s show, we’ll pay tribute to a few musicians who you may not have KNOWN were vets too!

It’s common knowledge that Elvis left touring for a tour of duty, and Jimi Hendrix enlisted in the Airbourne rangers.  But did you know about THESE musical vets too?

  • MC HAMMER (pictured) – When Army and Navy face off, MC Hammer is a NAVY MAN!  He served as a third class petty officer before he donned his parachute pants.
  • SHAGGY – Mr. Boombastic… really?  Isn’t he JAMAICAN?  He is, but he served the U.S. in the Gulf War in 1988, rising to a corporal.
  • FRED DURST – The lead singer of LIMP BIZKIT also served two years in the Navy during the Gulf War years from 1988-1990, before returning home to Jacksonville, Florida, and founding the band.

To our vets everywhere, we salute YOU today!


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