Does Rihanna Have A Long-Lost Twin On TikTok?

Rihanna may very well be the most famous pop star on the planet. Between her illustrious music career, and her Fenti Beauty brand, Riri is absolutely everywhere. So is it even possible that she has a twin we’re just now finding out about?

That’s the discussion happening on social media about a young TikTok star named Priscila Beatrice.

To be clear, that’s Beatrice in the video above, not Rihanna.

As you can see, the social media star looks exactly like Rihanna. And the pride of Barbados agrees, even jokingly commenting “where the album sis #R9” on one of Beatrice’s recent posts.

On that front, we have no update on any new music projects from Rihanna. She says she’s “always working on new music,” but nothing’s been confirmed as far as a new album is concerned.

Who knows, maybe Beatrice will put out a Rihanna tribute album and TikTok will simply explode. Personally, we’d rather get a new album directly from Princess Riri, but we’ll take what we can get.

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