Rod Stewart’s hair trick?

It's not Redken. Or any NORMAL hair product!

The machismo.  The voice.  The sex appeal.  The HAIR!

There are SO many iconic qualities in Rod Stewart, but the last one – THE HAIR – isn’t treated quite like any one of us do.

Rod reportedly spends about $450.00 US dollars on a haircut, highlights, and lowlights every three weeks, and in between hair colorings, gets his spikey signature look from styling it with…

<drumroll please…>


Yep; because of mayo’s high-fat, oil properties, it gives Rod the perfect sheen and spike he likes.  And, apparently, the smell has never driven away any of the ladies either.

So, next time you’re looking for a signature spike like Rod’s, apply a little something in your fridge WITH CAUTION, and good luck!

(Throwback Nation Radio is not liable if you come out smelling like a $5 Footlong.)

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