WATCH: Songs for Safe Driving

It's National DISTRACTED DRIVING WEEK - and we're not having any of that here.

As you’ve been hearing us talk about on Throwback Nation Radio and Retro Pop Reunion, this is National Distracted Driving Awareness week.  Alongside our friends at NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), we want to make sure you’re always putting your phone down when you get behind the wheel.  After all, law enforcement are stepping up patrols on this, and more importantly, you could cause a crash OR WORSE.  So stay attentive; U TEXT, U DRIVE, U PAY.  Stay safe!  (Brought to you by NHTSA).

With that in mind, we’ve put together a mini-playlist of songs that are PERFECT for driving, but aren’t going to have you revving the engine by Sammy Hagar quite like “I Can’t Drive 55.”

In the hours Throwback Nation Radio and Retro Pop Reunion AREN’T ON, pop on this playlist, calibrate your bluetooth, then buckle up and drive.

Trust us, you won’t need to change a THING.

Thanks for staying safe out there – and keeping YOUR EYES on the road!


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