BLACK HISTORY MONTH THROWBACK SPOTLIGHT: Can you name Stevie Wonder’s hits of EVERY decade?

From the '60s to the '10s... he's been there!

We can all agree: Stevie Wonder is an American TREASURE.  Being born with a handicap is a challenge enough, but to turn that challenge into true MASTERY of the piano is remarkable.

So remarkable, in fact, that Stevie is one of the FEW artists to have a hit song on the Billboard charts in practically EVERY decade.  Can you remember all of these?


The 1960s – 1963: Fingertips, Pt. 2 – This was Stevie’s FIRST hit, where his early work on the piano and the harmonica were featured.  This song went ALL THE WAY to #1.


The 1970s – 1970: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours – This was one of Stevie’s MANY hits of the 70s; a wedding staple that gets everyone on their feet and feeling good.


The 1980s – 1984: I Just Called To Say I Love You – This is another one of Stevie’s ULTIMATE hit songs.  Featured in movies, commercials, and so much more, it’s hard for me not to think of an old, corded, handset phone like we used to have in the ’80s and not think about this song.


The 1990s – 1995: For Your Love – Stevie’s career wasn’t as much about writing and recording new material in the ’90s, but he still took pen to paper for this song that won him a Grammy Award for best Male R&B performance in 1995.


The 2000s – 2005: So What The Fuss – This is a song I hadn’t remembered from a few years back, but it proves Stevie’s ability to grow, morph and change.  And it also shows that when you’re Stevie Wonder, if you want to collaborate, PEOPLE WILL JOIN YOU!  En Vogue joined him on backup vocals, and Prince played lead guitar on this song.


The 2010s – 2016: Faith – Not to be confused with George Michael’s song of the same name, this 2016 song from the movie “Sing” paired Stevie with Ariana Grande.  And yes, it embodies the “Stevie Wonder swag” he’s been known for for DECADES.


Here’s to you, Stevie, and LITERALLY… decades of hits.  We’ll keep blasting them today!

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