Earth, Wind and Fire Day… plus THIS popular sitcom? MIND BLOWN!

There's a conspiracy theory somewhere here - and we may have uncovered it!

Earth, Wind & Fire members Verdine White, left, Ralph Johnson and Philip Bailey talked with reporters before the ceremony.Xxx Hgs 3361 Jpg Usa Dc

As we celebrate EARTH, WIND and FIRE day tonight on Throwback Nation Radio, we’ll be playing “September” every single hour – as is tradition.  BUT, we also dug up some other versions and background on it you may have seen.

First, the “RECORDER VERSION.”  It’s absolutely terrible.  But sometimes, we need a laugh.


Second, THE CHRISTMAS VERSION.  The 25th night of December fits just fine – and we’re down for some FA-LA-LA-ing around here.


And THIRD… something our own Tony Lorino discovered while doing a little research.  If you’re a fan of FRIENDS… sit down.

This couldn’t BEEEEE any more shocking!

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