What’s it like to be a YACHT ROCK expert…at age 11?

Ask Paisley Gardner - she knows!

Paisley Gardner is a special kind of music fan.

While most 11 year olds are polishing up on Tik Toks from Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, or Olivia Rodrigo, Paisley has taken a liking to music of a bygone era: she’s a YACHT ROCKER.

Her fandom of all things Yacht Rock, and specifically, Michael McDonald, is SO big, that CBS Sunday Morning’s Steve Hartman recently featured her, then introduced her to Michael on an impromptu zoom!

(Cue the tears that you WOULD think would happen for Shawn Mendes.  Nope, they happened for Michael.)

We got a chance to catch up with Paisley, alongside her dad Tony Gardner, to learn a little of how her passion for the genre started, and to get some advice for other kids who might be into something just a LITTLE OLDER than their generation.  Watch along – and share with the person YOU KNOW whose musical taste may not match their age.

After all, they’re not alone.  Now, we’ve got Paisley on our team too!


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