Three lessons we should all remember from Dawson’s Creek

So much drama. So much goodness.

Do you remember the FIRST TIME you saw one of those TV shows that was, kind of, groundbreaking in your life?

I sure do.

Dawson’s Creek premiered today in 1998, and as a 16-year old junior in high school at the time, it kind of replicated EXACTLY what was going on in my life.  Or, my friends lives, at least.  (I wasn’t nearly cool enough to have a teacher try to pull the moves on me like the teacher did on Pacey Witter.)

And sure, Dawson’s Creek had its moments of silliness.  On-again, off-again romances; stupid dramatic season, and OF COURSE, James Van Der Beek’s CRYING FACE… but we did learn a few things that we SHOULD all remember.


  1. Grandparents are COOL AF.  My grandfather and I, like Jen and Grams, were incredibly close.  He was a big part of my life until he passed away when I was 37.  (I’m very lucky to have had a grandparent around that long.)  And, just like me, Jen Lindley certainly learned a lot from HER Grandmother.  She was almost the patron saint of the show, and although she may have had a heavier judgment at times than she needed to, her heart was usually in the right place.
  2. Follow Your Dreams.  Dawson Leary wanted to be the next Steven Spielberg, and by the end of the series, he was THERE.  How cool is it that a generation of young adults got to see someone like that actually ACHIEVE what they wanted?  Thanks, Dawson, for never settling for second best – and always wanting to make it BIG.
  3. “Usually in the morning, with Katie Couric,” is always an awkward answer.  Don’t ever say that to anyone again.


For a real THROWBACK TREAT, here is the FULL FIRST EPISODE of Dawson’s Creek all over again.  Watch here…and enjoy!



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