Bob Saget, king of the “dad joke,” remembered.

Saget passed away at 65 on Sunday, January 9th

It’s been a sad start to the new year, first with the news that “everyone’s Grandmother” Betty White passed away right before the start of 2022.  Now, we’ve lost our dad too.

Bob Saget, star of “Full House” and the first host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos, passed away at age 65 in Orlando.  He performed just the night before.


With a tour on deck, and immediate reports showing no signs of foul play or drugs, this seems like a true tragedy.


Bob’s rise to pop culture prominence

Before being cast on Full House in 1987, Bob appeared briefly as a contributor on CBS This Morning as a humor and feature contributor.  While a part of the casting process, he wasn’t actually the “Original Danny Tanner” – that would be actor John Posey.


But, as it all came together, Bob was a better fit.  In fact, he was a PERFECT fit.  He got the neurotic, caring, sensitive, FULL OF DAD JOKES Danny Tanner SO RIGHT.  And we all wanted him to be our own Dad.  He played Danny Tanner for eight years.


Simultaneously, he taped what was intended to be a one-hour special for ABC, where Full House also aired, “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”  When it premiered in 1989 – well before camera phones – the initial submissions were mostly on VHS camcorders.  It gave a very amateur look to the show, but helped it TAKE OFF.  The show still airs today, and Bob kept the host role through 1997.

His role as “America’s Dad” continued as he read the voice of the “adult” Ted Mosby on “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS for nine years as well.




But what some of us didn’t know at the time: Bob’s standup was FUNNY.  SAVAGELY FUNNY.  RAW.  NAUGHTY.  Almost SCANDALOUS!  As you’ll see from this clip show on Apple TV, he wasn’t afraid to push boundaries.


However you remember Bob, we hope you’ll join us in remembering the joy he brought; Full House, Fuller House, AFV, How I Met Your Mother, and some EXCELLENT, RAUNCHY stand up.  Let’s salute Bob, the true king of the dad joke, and bust out a couple together this week.

Salut, Bob.



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