Gwen Stefani’s New Video Features All Her Classic Looks

Just when we thought we had Gwen figured out, she pulls a 180 and it’s exactly what we needed in 2021.

Since she’s been dating (and now engaged to) country singer Blake Shelton, Gwen has been leaning heavily into the country lifestyle. Her music, her style, heck even her home with Blake looks like it came out of American Bear magazine. So we did not see the imagery in her new video coming.

Her new song is titled Let Me Reintroduce Myself, and it features all the old-school Gwen looks we can handle. If you’ve ever seen Gwen’s videos for Hollaback GirlDon’t Speak, or even her blue-haired style from the ’98 VMA’s, you’re gonna feel real comfy watching this.

Now we just need to convince Jennifer Lopez to do this next.

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