Today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame welcomed its first woman; let’s salute HER TOP 3 of the 80s.

Aretha has been, and will ALWAYS be the Queen of Soul!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was first established in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1983 as a shrine to one of America’s TRUE art forms: rock music.  The first class in 1986 featured a worthy crew, but one that was male dominated.  In the second class of inductees, though, THE QUEEN, Aretha Franklin, took her throne.


And although Aretha is thought of as being primarily a ’60s performer, she SLAYED it through the 1970s and 1980s as well.  Tonight, on her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary day, we salute Aretha with her TOP 3 of the 80s…



This was the second single from the “Who’s Zoomin’ Who” album in 1985, and brought Aretha back to a younger, dancier sound from her younger years.



WHAT a BOP.  This is one of those songs that will undoubtedly make you drive TOO FAST the minute she sings, “drop the pedal and go!”  It was a top 10 pop hit and the first single released from Aretha’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who” album in 1985.


1)  I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING FOR ME – With George Michael

This song would be Aretha’s final song to hit #1, and with both of them departed now, it has a certain “heavenly” mystique about it.


Here’s to Aretha, all of her great music, and all of the barriers she helped break through the years!


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