BLACK HISTORY MONTH: February 5, 2023 – Happy Birthday Bobby Brown!

Bobby Brown has been known as a bad boy for YEARS…but he’s also been through A LOT.  To lose an ex-spouse, and then to lose a child; one wouldn’t wish these sorts of things on anyone.  So today, let’s give Bobby just a little break from some of the hate, some of the negativity, and some of the nuances that surround his name.

Bobby turns 54 years old today, so in honor of that, let’s take just a minute or two and enjoy a little bit of Bobby’s best.  Whether it’s his time with New Edition, or it’s his time going solo, Bobby’s given us a lot to celebrate and enjoy.

So Bobby – it’s all about you today.  Thanks for what YOU have brought into this great world of music.  Take the time to love yourself and catch your breath today – you deserve it.


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