Blast From The Past: Remember Nelson?

It was 34 years ago today that twins Matthew and Gunnar Nelson released their debut album, ‘After the Rain.’

Nelson hit the music scene in 1990 and the twins with their long blonde hair immediately got teenage hearts racing! Did you have a poster of Nelson on your bedroom wall? Guilty. 

Their first single “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” hit No. 1, and their follow-up single “After the Rain” reached No. 6.

After their first album, however, the brothers faced conflicts with their label, Geffen Records, and established their own label, Stone Canyon Records.

They released a country album under the name The Nelsons, and later on, a tribute to their late father, actor-musician Ricky Nelson.

Since then, they’ve put out several more album, and still perform, sometimes under the name “Ricky Nelson Remembered.”

The brothers are also on Instagram, and share everything from backstage views at their shows, to how to play guitar like the Nelsons!


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OK, that’s our blast from the past for today… check out their totally awesome music videos from 1990!

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