Def Leppard’s Top 10 Songs

When you think about ’80s rock, one of the bands that surely comes to mind is Def Leppard! You blasted them in your car, slow-danced to them at your high school prom, and air-drummed to their beat in your bedroom!

Def Leppard is a fan favorite for sure, and remains one of the best-selling music groups of all time.

We give you our Top Ten Def Leppard Songs of the Throwback Radio era… watch and listen and reminisce!

#10 Bringin’ On The Heartbreak

#9 Rock of Ages

#8 Foolin’

#7 Animal

#6 Let’s Get Rocked

#5 Photograph

#4 Armageddon It

#3 Hysteria

#2 Love Bites

#1 Pour Some Sugar On Me

Lucky for us, Def Leppard is still on the road and making music, touring with Journey this summer!

Check the tour dates and more at this link – then be sure to play along with Tony Lorino and Throwback Nation Radio and listen for your chance to win tickets to see Def Leppard LIVE!

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