Happy Birthday STEVIE NICKS! Here’s a Stevie playlist to celebrate with.

Stevie turns 73 today!

On THE TOP 3 countdown tonight, we’ll salute THE TOP 3 of Stevie Nicks – solo and with Fleetwood Mac – in honor of her birthday!  But in case you can’t wait, and we can’t blame you for that.  As Stevie gets ready to be a part of the huge BOTTLE ROCK NAPA festival later this summer, here’s a playlist of some of Stevie’s best to help you celebrate today.


“Whenever I Call You Friend” with Kenny Loggins

Stevie’s first hit OUTSIDE of Fleetwood Mac came with the king of yacht rock, and they sounded fantastic together with this 1978 top 5 hit.


“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” with Tom  Petty

Maybe it was the comfort of singing with Fleetwood Mac and always having a duet partner that lead Stevie to another hit duet with Tom Petty in 1981; this heart-wrenching song of breakup/back together-ness is pure gold.


“Leather And Lace” with Don Henley

Yet another duet made Stevie a hitmaker that SO many others wanted to work with later in 1981, as  her and Don Henley made this one of the best love songs of the year.  And, this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance from 2019 shows how much the song – AND THEY BOTH – have stood the test of time.


“Edge Of Seventeen”

“Just like the white-winged dove, sings a song, sounds like she’s singing… ooh, ooh, ooh!”  We’ve all heard those words for years and the song is ICONIC.


“Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child

And to prove how iconic the guitar riff is from “Edge Of Seventeen,” re-live it in sample form with Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams at THEEE top of their game in Destiny’s Child with this song too – and Stevie’s video cameo.


Back with Fleetwood Mac… “Gypsy”

This was Fleetwood Mac’s biggest song of the ’80s, and arguably Stevie’s biggest of the decade too.  Even though the times had changed, their sound was still quintessentially Fleetwood Mac; lush vocals, strings, and Stevie’s Iconic voice.


Now solo again… “Stand Back”

Here’s another from Stevie at her solo peak; a song with a unique twist.  Stevie came up with the concept on her honeymoon, called Prince to share it with him – and he drove out to meet her ON HER HONEYMOON, record the keyboard track, and move on!  Truly magnificent collaboration.


“Talk To Me”

Although it hasn’t stood the test of time quite as much as “Stand Back,” “Edge Of Seventeen,” or some of her other Fleetwood Mac material, this was actually her biggest solo hit, peaking at #4 on the chart in 1985.  Re-live it here!


“Silver Springs” with Fleetwood Mac, with the 1997 re-recording of “The Dance”

There’s something unique and iconic about hearing this song, which was a minor hit when released, re-recorded 20 years later with an absolutely magnificent take by Fleetwood Mac.  It has unique bells and percussion that give it a wistful sound unlike anything else at the time – and that’s one of OH SO MANY things we love about it!





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