Today is 123123!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s December 31, 2023, and that’s an intriguing number, numerologically, because when the digits are written U.S. style, you get 12/31/23 or 123123!

In numerology, the digit one is connected to new beginnings. 

Two represents harmony, balance, and love. 

Three reflects creativity and self-expression. 

So, this date falls on New Year’s Eve, a day where many people make resolutions for positive change in the New Year. According to the numerology of today, you are primed and ready to embrace new beginnings! This sequence won’t happen again for another hundred years – so take full advantage!

We should also note that 2024 has important numerology as well. The digits of 2024 add up to eight, which is a number associated with building, creating, and doing. 

We take that to mean that whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are, now is a great time for a new beginning with room to grow over the next year!

Happy New Year!

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