A dancing BAN? Really?

It's not Footloose, it's COVID-19.

You may have seen that Washington D.C.’s Mayor, Muriel Bowser, recently enacted a “ban” on dancing at weddings and events in the DC as this Spring / Summer’s wedding season approaches.  And while we’re all about public health here at Throwback Nation Radio, this can’t help but feel like it’s ripped from the scenes of Footloose.

It’s not.

With attendance requirements still capped at 25 percent of capacity, and so many people getting vaccinations, it would appear that guests would be safer than they were a year ago.  But, with close proximity, COVID-19 could still spread.  So, there is logic to the ban.  (Moreso than Reverend Moore’s in the 1984 movie.)

Here’s to keeping everyone safe, even if it does mean fewer dances, and a little more social distance… hopefully for just a little while longer.

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