BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPOTLIGHT: Can you name Janet Jackson’s TEN #1 songs?

Let's give it a try, if you're Nasty.

When you think of Janet Jackson you probably think of a few things: the killer dance moves and bops from the turn of the ’80s into the ’90s, the rise and (safe to say) demise of the Jackson family, and of course, THAT halftime show.  But what you may fail to realize is that Janet has scored 10 #1 songs on the Billboard charts in her career, and while you will certainly guess some on the list, if you can guess the BIGGEST song of her career (or even the biggest TWO), we’ll add a Mr. or a Ms. in front of your name… because your Jackson knowledge is NASTY!

Let’s get started.

#10 – Love Will Never Do Without You – As the 1990s began, Janet was on a tear, and this song kept her momentum growing in the summer and fall of 1990.  It spent 1 week at #1.

#9 – Black Cat – It’s a Halloween staple nowadays, but in the ’90s, was a little diversion for Janet’s normal beats with a REAL rockin’ melody.  It too, spent 1 week atop the charts.

#8 – Again – Janet showed off her loving, softer side in this #1 ballad from “Poetic Justice,” where she starred alongside Tupac Shakur.  It spent two weeks at the top in late 1993.

#7 – Together Again – Janet was on the dance floor with that ICONIC HARP off the top in this song!  It was #1 as 1997 became 1998 for two weeks.

#6 – When I Think Of You – Janet’s hair has evolved over the years; this ’80s cut will definitely remind you of THAT!  It was a two week #1 hit in 1986.

#5 – Doesn’t Really Matter – Featured in “The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps,” this song was part of the Spring soundtrack of 2000 and spent 3 weeks at #1.

#4 – Escapade– In early 1990, Janet took global themes and encouraged us ALL to explore our traveling side in this #1, which spent 3 weeks at the top.

#3 – Miss You Much – From Rhythm Nation 1812, this is one of Janet’s TRULY iconic songs.  It spent 4 weeks at #1 in 1989, with that iconic “THAT’S THE END” as the song drops.  SO GOOD.

#2 – NOT what we would have expected – featuring a sample from Change’s “The Glow Of Love,” – All For You – We love it, we just didn’t remember it being AS BIG as it was.  Well, it was!  This dance floor classic spent 7 weeks at #1 in Spring 2001.


And the final one… one we expected to be on the list… but not #1…

#1 – That’s The Way Love Goes – 8 WEEKS at #1?  It’s true.  And that’s an astounding record for Janet.  This song showed that Janet had indeed grown up, and wasn’t afraid to show her sensual side.  And, in the summer of 1993, this song was EVERYWHERE.


How’d you do in guessing these?  If you guessed “That’s The Way Love Goes” at #1, props!

Enjoy the videos, and enjoy some Janet today as we continue celebrating Black artists who have changed music for the better all month here on Throwback Nation Radio.

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