BLACK HISTORY MONTH THROWBACK SPOTLIGHT: Kool and the Gang is touring with… WHO?

An odd couple...but a GREAT pairing!

As we salute KOOL & THE GANG in today’s Throwback spotlight, we have to reflect on their concert announcement from nine years ago.  They had gotten a lot of attention after many years off the road and announced a BIG summer tour….but who would it be with?

A like-minded funk/soul fusion act?  An ’80s pop revival?  An up and coming R&B performer?

Nope, nope, and nope.  It was VAN HALEN.

<Scratches head>

Yep; here were two seemingly polar opposite groups, with polar opposite groups of fans; one loved to rock, one loved to dance.  Once had guitars, one had saxes and horns.  But somehow, when you combined the two, you had a GREAT mix of different styles from the same ’70s and ’80s backgrounds, who were JUST PLAIN AWESOME.

Maybe, we’ll learn a little more about putting out some more diverse touring groups in the future like this one, because they got rave reviews together, and threw one hell of a party.

And although they didn’t perform this on stage together…man, wouldn’t you have wished it if they did… “Runnin’ With The Devil” and “Celebration,” all mashed up.  Enjoy!

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