BLACK HISTORY MONTH THROWBACK SPOTLIGHT: Who had the first electronic dance music hit? It wasn’t Kygo, Diplo, or the Chainsmokers.

It was the QUEEN OF DISCO!

You’ve likely heard of “EDM,” or “electronic dance music” of today; songs with a strong beat that are all produced by synthesizers instead of drums; horns and strings are keyboards instead of real instruments.  The sound is EVERYWHERE in hits from Diplo, Skrillex, Justin Bieber, and so many more.  But none of them invented it… not even close.  That honor goes to DONNA SUMMER.

In 1977, Donna and producer / writer Giorgio Moroder were working on a way to take her disco sound to the next level.  By using synthesized tracks, they were able to create a unique, new sound, and premiered it with THIS song from Donna in 1977.

We lost Donna to lung cancer in 2012 – WAY too young.  But her influence on today’s music is vast, and everlasting.  Cheers to you, Donna, a TRUE trailblazer!

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