Hit a home run, DON THE PURPLE ONE!

The Minnesota Twins have a new home run celebration

The Minnesota Twins, among other Minnesota-based teams, have long held Prince as a big part of their in-game playlist.  And now, they’re taking that playlist and PRINCE-themed fun to a new level with a new home run celebration.

Now, when players hit a dinger, they’re picking up a faux-Prince guitar, the STYLISH cape and hat, and going crazy, just like they’d punch a higher floor in “Purple Rain.”

Will it bring Prince back?  No.  Are we having fun with it?  HECK YES.



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So, even if you’re not a Minnesota Twins fan, pop a game on this season to see what they’re up to.  Root for a couple of dingers.  Maybe – just MAYBE – even if they’re playing your favorite team.

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