Huey Lewis Musical Goes to Broadway

Huey Lewis is taking his music to Broadway!

The musical “The Heart of Rock & Roll,” constructed from songs by Lewis and his band The News, will play the James Earl Jones Theatre starting March 2024.

The musical has been in the works for the past ten years!

“It’s been a long road, but it’s very gratifying”” Lewis said. “I’m pinching myself because it’s really going to happen now.”

The show is based on a blue-collar guy who used to be in a rock band in his 20s. He’s now in his 30s and about to do the middle-class job thing when his bandmates return to give music another shot. There’s also a love story mixed in when the main character falls for the boss’ daughter.

It’s a musical comedy about the power of love!

Huey Lewis and The News gave us a bunch of hits in the 1980s: “The Heart of Rock & Roll,” of course, along with “Heart and Soul,” “The Power of Love,” “I Want a New Drug,” and “If This Is It.”

“I consider musical theater to be the most rewarding because it’s the most demanding of all artistic expression. You need to sing, dance and act. And it’s so collaborative that it’s not even enough to be good. You need to make everyone else good as well. It’s wonderfully demanding and wonderfully rewarding, and we’re just happy to have a shot at it,” said Lewis.

Casting will be announced later. You can get sign up for information and get tickets here. 

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