If you’re going to see the Counting Crows this summer, THIS has changed.

HINT: It's not their music.

When the Counting Crows burst onto the music scene in the early ’90s with hit songs like “Mr. Jones” from the critically-acclaimed album “August and Everything After,” it wasn’t just their music turning heads: it was the LOOK of front man Adam Duritz.

And while that SOUND of melancholy pop hasn’t changed as they get ready for a summer tour, one thing has: Adam’s SIGNATURE look.

Adam had toyed with the look through the years, and has OFFICIALLY done away with the dreads as of a recent appearance on Australia’s “Today” show a few weeks back.



The tidier, svelte-r Adam and the boys will be out and about again this summer alongside Dashboard Confessional starting in June, so get ready for that NEW LOOK ADAM, live!  Here is a list of summer dates.

And, if you’re walking through the airport as their tour date approaches in YOUR part of the Throwback Nation and think to yourself, “gee, that looks like Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, but not with that hair,” think again.

That’s probably Adam Duritz this time around.

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