It’s a CLASS OF 1984 REUNION WEEKEND! What hit, and what missed?

Three "M's" were n the spotlight

1984 has so many iconic moments that it is hard to pick JUST THREE.  But above all the rest, these three stand out.  And yes, they all start with the letter “M.”



3)  MACINTOSH.  When a company comes out and makes a statement like Apple did with the “1984” commercial, you know they’re going to be different.  And that difference and passion has led Apple to decades of innovation ever since.  If it’s been a minute, let’s relive that commercial together.


2)  MICHAEL JACKSON.  It’s tough to put Michael at #2 on this list, because in any other year, he’s #1.  Michael was a bona-fide superstar before 1984, but 1984 brought on so many amazing moments, including the “Thriller” music video, more amazing appearances on TV and in film, and the true emergence of Michael as THEEEE King of Pop.


1)  MADONNA.  It’s a gutsy call to put Madonna ahead of Michael, and there’s one reason we decided to do that: Michael was already a superstar, Madonna BECAME one.  And the exact moment where she elevated herself to permanent superstardom was this appearance at the first MTV Video Music Awards.  She did it live, and she CHANGED the world.



3)  THE BALTIMORE COLTS.  It’s always a messy divorce when a professional sports franchise leaves town for a new home, but this may have been the messiest divorce in pro sports history.  Colts owner Robert Irsay actually ordered moving vans to the team’s facility on March 29th, and had the facilities emptied and shipped to their new home in Indianapolis in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.  Bold.  The good news for Baltimore, though, is they eventually earned the Ravens, and have done JUST fine ever since.  The ugly departure is detailed in this piece from WMAR-TV.


2)  PYROTECHNICS NOT ON THE 4TH OF JULY.  Michael Jackson was at the top of his game when an unfortunate accident occurred on the set of filming a Pepsi commercial that left him with major burns on his scalp and body.  This video is rough to watch, but an account of what happened live.


1) BIG BUNS, NO BEEF.  There’s something funny about old people.  Specifically, old ladies who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.  And an unknown actress named CLARA BARTON made her name a part of the pop culture lexicon by throwing some shade on “big buns” and little else with her famous line “WHERE’S THE BEEF” in Wendys’ TV campaign.   Which chain was she speaking about with the big buns?  Does it rhyme with “FICK-JOHNALDS?”  We’ll never know!  But we will laugh about it.

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