IT’S A CLASS OF 1989 REUNION WEEKEND! What Hit, And What Missed?

The end of the ’80s signaled a lot of change in music, pop culture and the world as a whole.  And if you were a member of the class of 1989, you lived it – and lived in a GREAT year for a lot of things!


The top 3 HITS of 1989…

3) BOB SAGET – Full House was already off to a great start, becoming an anchor of ABC’s “TGIF” (and other related) family comedies, when Saget became all of our wise-cracking Dads for a second time on their lineup, hosting “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”  From the ’80s into the ’90s, he truly was AMERICA’S DAD… and we still love him for it.


2) BAY AREA SPORTS TEAMS – It was a tumultuous year in the Bay Area during the deadly earthquake that rocked the city.  And, it was also a fantastic year for some of the areas sports teams.  The 1989 World Series featured a “Battle Of The Bay” with the Oakland A’s topping the San Francisco Giants, and the San Francisco 49ers were tops in the NFL too.


1) FREEDOM – What else can you say; it was a good time for freedom and democracy.  The USSR began to fade, personal freedoms overseas began to prosper, and the Berlin Wall collapsed in one of the most positive changes in political history around the globe.


And what missed?

3) THE NOID – It started as just a slightly annoying TV commercial of a weird looking character, but Domino’s Pizza’s “Avoid The Noid” campaign actually sparked a tragedy for a gentleman with the last name of “NOID” who thought he was being personally targeted.  They ended up pulling the commercials.


2) MILLI VANILLI – The whole scandal of Milli Vanilli’s lip synching unraveled the next year in 1990, but in 1989, rumors were already surfacing that the band’s front men weren’t actually the ones leading the vocals.  An MTV concert in 1990 with a skipping audio file REALLY raised eyebrows even more.  Behind the scenes, the duo of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were already humiliated, realizing they were living a lie.

1) PETE ROSE – One of baseball’s biggest names of all times, permanently banned for gambling.  It’s unfortunate because of his AMAZING talent.

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