Britney’s Lawyer: Jamie Spears “Profited Handsomely” From Conservatorship

The latest update on the #FreeBritney story is a big one: Britney’s lawyer is petitioning to have her father removed from overseeing her finances.

You can get all the details here, but reading how Britney’s lawyer, Matthew Rosergart, described Jamie’s behavior without a filter:

  • “Profited handsomely”
  • “Potential misconduct”
  • “Conflicts of interest”
  • “Conservatorship abuse”

Rosengart also claims that Jamie Spears made over $2,000,000 during Britney’s Las Vegas residency. Which is not something you want coming out publicly if you’re Britney Spears’ father.

Does this mean Britney will finally be free from her conservatorship? Without consulting He Who Remains, we can’t tell the future. But we’re hopeful.



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