Kelly Clarkson is spilling Christmas tea

Her new album doesn't hold back any punches.

She’s a talk show host, she’s a judge on the voice, and lest we forget… Kelly Clarkson is a singer too.

Kelly Clarkson has recorded some FANTASTIC Christmas songs through the years, from the original American Idol Christmas album in 2003 and her version of “O Holy Night”…


…to her Christmas original “Underneath The Tree”…


…but this year, she’s a little more personal.  A LOT more personal.  After going through her highly publicized divorce with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, she’s unwrapped her latest holiday album, “When Christmas Comes Around.”  With traditional tracks like “Santa Baby,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Last Christmas,” and more, it could be just a fun, bouncy yule-tide tribute.  But Kelly has gone just one step further.  Her song “Christmas Isn’t Cancelled, Just You,” is a tribute to anyone who has ever loved Christmas with their ex, but decided, “nah, I can do Christmas without you… and I’m going to SLAY… ahem… SLEIGH… it this year.”

If you, too, are going through a split and trying to reconcile the holidays being single, it’s worth a listen.  Not only does it give some positives to celebrating Christmas on your own, but it’ll definitely put some demons of your split to rest.


Cheers to Kelly for this.  Certainly, no one wants to see private business dragged out into the public around the holiday season.  But, perhaps, her sharing this feeling will bring some positivity to those who are going through the same thing this holiday season.  And, after all, isn’t that what music is all about?

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