What’s that version of the song where the guys bust into “AFRICA?”

This is it!

Originally making the rounds at Indiana University in the late ’90s, the acapella group STRAIGHT NO CHASER became well known on campus and off for their fun antics and their unique take on holiday classics around Christmas time.  But perhaps no other song made them more famous than THIS.

Recorded in the holiday season of 1998, the gentlemen of STRAIGHT NO CHASER bust into the classic “The 12 Days Of Christmas” with a few remix takes, a little “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel,” and most memorable, their own take on Toto’s “Africa.”

While the original was recorded before the growth of YouTube and social media, once those channels DID become well known, the group did too!  Here’s the ORIGINAL recording of that first “12 Days of Christmas.”


The viral nature of this song has led them to record several albums, and cover other Christmas classics as well, like “Wonderful Christmastime” alongside Paul McCartney, and most recently, “Celebrate Me Home” with Kenny Loggins.



So, enjoy some of Straight No Chaser’s amazing music this holiday, and be sure to add a little “Dreidel” and a little “Africa” to your Christmas caroling as well – they’d want you to!

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