More Michael than just THRILLER for Halloween?

“Halloween season is MICHAEL JACKSON season.”

Sure, it’s because of the amazing success of Thriller, but Michael’s overall motif has a bit of a spooky aura, doesn’t it?

The staged fights, the spooky alleyways, and the BADNESS of some of Michael’s other hits – and those he’s featured on – just FIT for #spookyszn!

Here are some others ABSOLUTELY worth turning up.



Dark alleyways?  Crazy dance moves?  That one guy in the video who does that weird MELT/SHIMMY move?  Bring ’em all on.  “Beat It” feels a lot like “Thriller” in its tempo, and since it’s off the album too, it’s worth a BIG TIME TURN UP for Halloween.


“SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME” by Rockwell, featuring MJ

With a last name like “Gordy,” your dad can call in a couple of favors from time to time.  And that’s exactly what Motown founder Barry Gordy did with his son’s song in 1984.  Kennedy William Gordy – or ROCKWELL as he was known on stage – featured Michael in the choruses on this one, which hits all the right spooky notes.



Ditto for this one on the dark alleys and general creepiness.  AND DITTO on the long music video like “Thriller,” too.  At over 9 minutes, it gives you just enough of the creeps to make it a fun Halloween, while keeping a fun party vibe to the Halloween get together.



Remixed as part of the 2017 “SCREAM” compilation album of spooky songs, this combines Michael’s “Blood On The Dance Floor” with the title track of the 1991 “Dangerous” album mixed in.  If the album gets a little too deep for you, this song is the one to grab.


And of course, if those don’t do it for you…there’s always THE GOAT!

Happy early Halloween – and enjoy the MJ-ing!

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