MUST WATCH: Today in 1984, Michael introduces us to the Moonwalk!

And none of us were ever quite the same!

Pop singer Michael Jackson played for about 65,000 fans in Neyland Stadium in Knoxville in August of 1984.Michael Jackson At Neyland 1984

Tonight in 1984, if you were watching “Motown 25,” you knew there were going to be some special moments as Michael Jackson reunited with his brothers on stage.

What you didn’t know, is that Michael would provide a pretty cool moment SOLO as well.

Jeffrey Daniel of the group Shalamar is coined as the person who taught Michael Jackson to moonwalk, it has been documented all the way back to Cab Calloway and early performances in the 1930s.  In the ’70s, it popped up on Soul Train, and Debbie Allen performed it in the TV show “Fame” in the early ’80s as well.  Reports conflict over Bobby Brown playing a role in teaching Michael the moves as well.  But one thing is for sure; once Michael moonwalked, the dance world was never quite the same.

If you haven’t seen it in a while, take a look at Michael’s moves, TODAY in 1984, and let’s give the moonwalking a try today!  (Maybe in our socks, on the hardwood.  It’s always easier that way!)

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