Special Throwback Guest: Teri Nunn!

We have another special guest popping by to tell us about her tour alongside BOY GEORGE & CULTURE CLUB and HOWARD JONES: TERRI NUNN of Berlin will be guest co-hosting Throwback Nation Radio on Saturday night with Tony Lorino!

Nunn and Berlin really catapulted to fame with the song “Take My Breath Away” from the Top Gun movie soundtrack in 1986. The song even won the Academy Award in 1987 for Music (Original Song).

Nunn later took a hiatus from Berlin and did some solo projects before reuniting in 2016. Berlin released their 4th studio album in 2019, called Transcendence.

We’ll be talking with Nunn about what she’s been doing when she’s not singing or touring, and why she felt it necessary to take a break from Berlin to “get a life!”

Listen to Throwback Nation Radio this Saturday with Tony Lorino!

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