The Best Way To Celebrate World Music Day

It’s World Music Day!

It’s celebrated every year on June 21 in countries around the world. It’s meant to highlight the inclusive nature of music and encourage people to interact with all types of tunes.

It’s free and easy to celebrate: you could try to play a new instrument, listen to a new type of music you wouldn’t normally have on your playlist, or really crank up your favorite song!

Of course, we appreciate music here at Throwback Nation Radio, but in case you needed a few more reasons, here they are:

  1. Music can improve your mood.
  2. Music can help reduce or manage stress.
  3. Music is a motivator – do you have the perfect playlist for your workouts???
  4. Music has been shown to lessen pain – music therapy is used in many patient settings.
  5. Music can reduce anxiety.
  6. Music can boost creativity by sparking imagination and innovative thinking.
  7. Music can improve the quality of your sleep!
  8. Music can help your memory. Who remembers singing your ABC’s???
  9. Music can help you make friends! It can be a powerful bonding opportunity and connection with others.
  10. Music makes you happier – for all the above reasons and more!

Happy World Music Day! We think a great way to celebrate is by listening to Throwback Nation Radio this weekend! Hint, hint!


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