The Eight Videos That Made Us Love Paula Abdul

Happy birthday to Paula Abdul!

The singer/choreographer/dancer/actress/TV personality is an unbelievable 62 years old today!

Do you remember who ‘discovered’ her?

She was 18 and was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers. She later became their head choreographer for the Laker Girls and caught the attention of the Jackson family!

Abdul did several music videos for Janet Jackson before breaking into her own solo career.

To celebrate her birthday, here are Eight Videos That Made Us Love Paul Abdul! The first three because of her choreography – the last five are from her solo career! Enjoy this Throwback trip down memory lane – and just a warning, you may want to get up and dance after watching!

What Have You Done For Me Lately



Straight Up

Forever Your Girl

Cold Hearted

Opposites Attract

The Promise of a New Day



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