TV Binge Bracket: This Fact Will Blow Your Mind

"Three's Company" IMDB

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One of the theme songs still going strong is “Come and Knock On Our Door” from the 1970-80s sitcom “Three’s Company.”

The song is an earworm – we bet you can still sing along to it after hearing the opening notes!

The man who composed the theme song is Joe Raposo. He obviously has a knack for composing catchy theme songs because he also did this one!

That’s right, the same man composed the theme songs of both “Three’s Company” and “Sesame Street!”

Raposo also composed many other “Sesame Street” songs, including Cookie Monster’s “C is for Cookie” and Kermit the Frog’s “It’s Not That Easy Being Green.”

“Come and Knock On Our Door” was performed by Julia Rinker and Ray Charles. Not THAT Ray Charles, a different one.

Something else we discovered, the “Three’s Company” theme song started out very differently. The opening sequence for the pilot episode featured the same tune, but no lyrics. Instead, you hear a lot of “doobee doobee dee do” over and over again! The font is different, and while John Ritter is still the star, his name was going to be David! Janet and Chrissy were nowhere to be found, although the Ropers were there… check it out!

The show obviously went through a lot of changes before it eventually premiered on ABC in March of 1977.

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