We know Lionel Richie wrote “LADY” for Kenny Rogers…but WHERE did he write it?

He spilled the poop... literally... with Drew Barrymore.

Lionel Richie has been making the rounds with the big news of his upcoming tour with Earth, Wind and Fire, and he’s spilling the “poop” – almost literally – about some of the things that have happened in his career.  Including the moment when finished writing one of the SIGNATURE SONGS of his career… in the bathroom.

As the story goes, Lionel was asked by Kenny Rogers to write several titles for an upcoming album.  He had a chorus and a verse for the song that ended up being “Lady,” but when Kenny asked to hear the entire thing, Lionel needed to finish the lyrics… and QUICK.  So,  it wasn’t a bathroom EMERGENCY that had Lionel running to the toilet, but a case of procrastination and a little “work under pressure” moment.

So, if your boss ever asks for QUICK TURNAROUND on something, remember, the bathroom is always a good place to escape to.  Just make sure you’re back in 5 minutes and the work is done.

After all, that’s what Lionel would do!

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