A 50 foot leg lamp? Yes please!

A 50-foot-tall leg lamp sculpture inspired by the 1983 cult-favorite film "A Christmas Story" is under construction in a new park in downtown Chickasha on Sept. 20, 2022. The completed leg lamp, which has since had its lampshade added, will be dedicated as part of Phase 1 of the park project on Nov. 5.Leg Lamp In Progress6

From the “we don’t need this, but we SURE DO LIKE IT category”… the town of Chickasha, Oklahoma has gone all in on “A Christmas Story” this year, erecting a 50-foot tall LEG LAMP in honor of the iconic item from the movie.

The lamp itself itself is actually fiberglass, anchored by several guy wires so it doesn’t take off in Oklahoma’s signature high winds.  A smaller inflatable one first went up a few years ago, but with covid concerns didn’t get a lot of publicity.  This year, as concerns ease, the photo ops are ON.

And even better?  It has its own Instagram account!




Enjoy.  And remember, if you can’t read the label, “it must be Italian!”

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