As if we couldn’t already love Jon Bon Jovi enough, look who he’s helping now!

The guy is just THEEEE best.

There’s so much to like about Bon Jovi… his personality, his attitude, his care for the environment, his chiseled looks…

…and that’s not even COUNTING his music.

But, perhaps one of the best things about Jon Bon Jovi is his CARE for others, and he’s doing more good in the world with a fundraiser called “ROADIE RELIEF” that helps concert and event professionals who have been out of work during the pandemic.  For this one, Jon has donated one of his guitars (autographed), alongside Tommy Thayer from Kiss, and several others.

If you or someone you know is a big Bon Jovi fan – or a guitarist – this would be a killer piece to add to your collection, and do some good for those who need a helping hand during the pandemic too!  Check out all the auction items here.

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