BLACK HISTORY MONTH: February 3, 2023 – Can you remember Janet’s first BIG movie role?

For tonight’s Black History Month spotlight, we thought we’d delve into Janet Jackson BEYOND just the music; she’s been a renowned ACTRESS as well!  She got her start on episodes of “The Love Boat” and “Diff’rent Strokes,” which lead to a 1993 starring role in her first major movie.

Can you remember which one?

(Nope… not Nutty Professor – that was a little later.)

If you said “POETIC JUSTICE,” ding ding ding!

Starring Janet and Tupac Shakur, and featuring the poetry of Maya Angelou, the movie tells the story of how two people come together on a cross-California road trip in spite of the violence and turmoil that has impacted their lives.


While it wasn’t necessarily a cinematic masterpiece, it opened a new door for Janet as a creator and a performer, and earned her an Oscar nomination for “Again,” which was a part of the soundtrack, and showed off her range as a performer who could handle dance floor anthems as well as touching love ballads.


So here’s to Janet, expanding her boundaries, flexing her creative juices, and showing off some of her passions BEYOND just her singing voice.

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