BLACK HISTORY MONTH: February 8, 2023 – Gone too soon; someone who could have RUNG THE BELLS on Sunday

A look back on the life and music of Coolio

There was a general gasp in the music community last fall when we heard the news that Coolio died at 59 on September 28.

Sure, he hadn’t been a hitmaker as of late, but he had songs that resonated and made mix tapes of the mid ’90s some of THE best ever.  In recent years, he spent time on numerous tours and television appearances, enjoying his “Throwback” fame.

But perhaps what he’ll best be known for is the theme to the 1995 movie “Dangerous Minds,” “Gangsta’s Paradise.”  Not only was the song a perfect fit alongside the troubled lives of the teens in the movie, but it was one of those songs that just made us all THINK – think HARD – and maybe try to empathize with others who didn’t grow up quite the same way we did.


It made me think, too.  With the AMAZING tribute at this past weekend’s Grammy awards, could Coolio have stood onstage during the performances alongside Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and so many others?  Maybe!  If you haven’t watched…enjoy.


One thing is for sure; we miss this man, we miss his message, his voice, and his inspiration.  Coolio, we’re thinking of you today, and spreading your spirit through music here on Throwback Nation Radio.

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