BLACK HISTORY MONTH SPOTLIGHT: The first time we met Lauryn Hill. And it WASN’T in the Fugees.

Grab your SISTERLY uniforms!

Can you remember the first time you saw Lauryn Hill?

The Fugees?  Nope.

The 1999 Grammys where she swept basically every category?  Nope, not then either.

While her name wasn’t in lights like Whoopi Goldberg’s, we saw a burgeoning superstar in Lauryn for the FIRST time in a big way in Whoopi’s “Sister Act 2,” which debuted in 1993.  Lauryn, just 18 at the time, played Rita Louise Watson, a rebellious teen with an AMAZING voice.  (Art imitating life, perhaps.)

This performance still stands the test of time, and shows how Lauryn, even as a teenager, had a voice that could move mountains.

Thank you Lauryn, for giving a true musical education through the years.  Cheers to YOU, today.




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