Brandon & Brenda Walsh Talk “90210”

Fans of “Beverly Hills, 90210” will be sad to learn the theme song did not survive in our TV Binge Bracket Contest… but there’s still time to make sure your other favorites do! Go vote and you could win $500! 

On the other hand, “90210” fans will be thrilled to hear Brandon and Brenda Walsh reminiscing about their days on the show! Jason Priestley was a special guest on Shannen Doherty’s podcast, “Let’s Be Clear With Shannen Doherty.” The two flashed back to their time on the series, the show’s success, and Doherty’s personal problems that led to her being fired from the show in 1994.

Priestley recalled he first read for the role in creator Aaron Spelling’s office. Later, he auditioned with Doherty at Fox studios and said the competition was fierce to play twin siblings Brenda and Brandon.

Doherty also talked about the difficulties she went through in her personal life while on the show. She said her marriage was horrible at the time, and there were things going on that made it hard for her to be on time for work. Doherty played Brenda from 1990 to 1994, when she was fired from the show.

She said she’s taken responsibility for it, but that she wishes someone would have sat her down with a warning. “I sort of wish I would have been sat down and sort of looked at and said, ‘Listen, the end result is going to be this, you are going to get fired and none of us are going to put up with it anymore,'” Doherty told Priestley. “And I understand that you have an issue in your personal life, but that also can’t bleed into work and you need to get your sh** together!”

Priestley said it was hard always waiting around for Doherty and also wished he had known more about her personal struggles.

Doherty was married to Ashley Hamilton from 1993 to 1994, during the time of her firing.

Doherty has been publicly battling breast cancer for the past several years, recently announcing that it has spread to her brain and bones.

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