‘Footloose’ Prom is Happening!

Tomorrow is the big day!

It’s prom at Payson High School in Payson, Utah, the school where the 1984 movie “Footloose” was filmed. It’s the last dance at the current building before they move to a new one. Students campaigned all year long to get star Kevin Bacon to attend, and he confirmed last month that he will be there!

We will be waiting to see if he busts out the dance moves we all know and love! That final dance sequence was epic – but Bacon revealed in a recent podcast that it almost didn’t happen that way.

“The ending of Footloose has this big dance sequence and in the original, when we originally shot it in Utah it went into slow motion. When they tested the movie everybody said, ‘We don’t want slow motion, we want to see people getting down. We want to feel the music and see everybody rocking out.’ So we went to California a year later and reshot the ending but not in slow motion, with new choreography and new dancers and a whole bunch of new things,” Bacon said.

Wow – can you imagine “Footloose” without that final dance sequence? We sure can’t! Here’s wishing Payson High School a fabulous and fun prom night!


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