Hold On! Carnie Has A Cooking Show?!?

Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips fame has cooked up something new – combining her love of music and food!

Her new show “Sounds Delicious” just premiered on AXS TV this week. Wilson said the concept is simple – she invites guests on her show to cook and sing!

Wilson’s guests include her sister and bandmate Wendy Wilson, actor John Stamos, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, and David Archuleta from “American Idol.”

Wilson is not new to TV – fans may remember “Carnie!,” her talk show that aired for one season 1995-1996.

But of course, she’s best known as 1/3 of the group Wilson Phillips, along with her sister Wendy and friend Chynna Phillips. The group debuted in 1989 and made a big splash with songs like “You’re in Love” and “Hold On.”

Wilson said she still loves music, but has been focusing on her health in recent years. She switched to a strict sugar and gluten-free diet and shed 40 pounds.

“It was like a voice that said, ‘You’re done. You’re done eating the food that makes you feel like crap,’ you know, and I’ve never eaten this way in my whole life, but I’m kind of looking at it like my sobriety, which is like just one day at a time. Just for today, I’m not gonna eat this dessert or even a taste of it. I mean, I’m really being strict,” she told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Wilson celebrated her weight loss with a comparison picture on Instagram, calling her health journey a “miracle.”


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Tony Lorino had the chance to talk with Wilson about her new cooking show, and you’ll hear it this weekend on Throwback Nation Radio! She will help us pick her perfect party playlist for the kitchen, and tell us what else she’s doing to keep at her healthiest! 

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