HAPPY GALENTINE’S DAY! And thank YOU, Amy Poehler!

February 13th is now a day to celebrate women worldwide!

Everything starts as a joke when you’re Amy Poehler.

That’s why when she penned an episode of her sitcom “Parks and Recreation” in February 2010 called “Galentine’s Day,” it seemed the concept of February 13th as a day for women to celebrate themselves would be just a sitcom episode.  Yet, here we are, eleven years down the road, talking about sisterhood, friendship, and “ladies celebratin’ ladies,” as Poehler’s Leslie Knope called the day.

Why?  Sure, being a part of a quirky, cult classic TV episode helps.  But SO does social media.  The trend took off on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok in the years following with hashtags, parties, wine and book clubs, and so many more organizations embracing the concept.  Even US at Throwback – we’ve embraced it too.  After all, with everything that EVERYONE (no matter your sex or gender) has gone through in the last three years from Covid, a little celebrating is a good thing today or ANY DAY!

So enjoy celebrating with YOUR GAL PALS – or ANY PALS – and enjoy the ladies of the ’80s and the ’90s ALL DAY today on Throwback.

After all, Leslie Knope would want you too!

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