Have you ever melted down laughing at something…when you TOTALLY shouldn’t?

You know you have.

And lucky for you, you’re not alone.

You know, that moment when you’re laughing at something you KNOW you shouldn’t be laughing at?

I’m having one of those moments with the most recent release of the There I Ruined It Youtube page, which has become well-known for taking classic hits and turning them inside and out with the help of Adobe software and/or AI.

The most recent post takes some of our favorite artists of the ’80s and ’90s, including Whitney Houston, Tom Petty, Steven Tyler, and others, and has them falling down the stairs…so to speak…or at least, replicating what it would sound like if they did via some of the lyrics in their songs.  The end result, HILARIOUS, spit-out-your-coffee type of humor for those of us who are just a little sophomoric in our takes (and not afraid to admit it).



And while we certainly don’t WANT David Lee Roth, Steven Tyler, or others to trip and fall…now that we hear it…we can’t unhear it.


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