ICYMI: Lionel wasn’t the only Throwback artist at the coronation

Steve Winwood gave a GLOWING performance too!

Savuka percussionist Dudu Zulu, left, and group leader Johnny Clegg match an African tribal dance steps as the interracial South African group opens for Steve Winwood before a packed audience of 14,000 at Starwood Amphitheatre Aug. 6, 1988.636712194342603577-88then08-018.jpg

While Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Take That had the big lights shining on them on last weekend’s coronation concert, they weren’t the only ones to get us on our feet.

One of our faves – the ever under-rated Steve Winwood – brought us all to a “Higher Love” with his performance too.

It’s been covered by Whitney Houston and Kygo, and Steve’s original continues to shine on through the years with a message of positivity.

And at 75 years old, Steve BROUGHT it.  You be the judge – and enjoy!


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