It’s 1996 All Over Again!

If you’ve ever wished you could relive a year, well, now you can!

The 2024 calendar year is a perfect match for the 1996 calendar year, meaning you could dig out an old calendar from 1996 and use it this year and be right on track!

This only happens seven times in the current 200-year timeframe: 1940, 1968, 1996, 2024, 2052, 2080 and 2120.

So let’s see, what was happening in 1996? The Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men headlined the Grammys, the musical “Rent” debuted, the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, the Unabomber was arrested, Tupac was murdered, and President Bill Clinton defeated former Sen. Bob Dole!

In pop culture, the shows “Home Improvement,” “Friends,” and “Seinfeld” were big on TV. Stars like Whitney Houston, Pamela Anderson, and Tom Cruise captured headlines. What a year!

And in music, we were listening to Alanis Morisette, Gin Blossoms, Janet Jackson, Hootie & the Blowfish, and more!

We found 1996 calendars on eBay going for anywhere between $20 and $200. A rare Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar is currently listed for $100. An Anna Nicole Smith calendar is going for $150. There’s even an Elvira Mistress of the Dark calendar listed for $80!

So, if you happen to have a vintage 1996 calendar hanging around, you could earn some big bucks for it!



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