‘Reading Rainbow’ is 41 Today!

The show you probably watched at home and in the classroom is 41 years old today!

“Reading Rainbow” premiered in 1983 as a children’s television series designed to encourage reading. Do you remember the theme song?

“Reading Rainbow” became the most-watched PBS program in the classroom. It was created to combat the ‘summer loss phenomenon,’ where kids tend to lose some of their reading abilities over the summer months.

Actor LeVar Burton not only hosted the show, he helped create it!

Every episode featured a different children’s book, narrated by a celebrity. Burton would then visit places or talk with people who related to the book’s theme. Episodes also included Book Reviews, featuring kids talking about books they liked.

They always started with Burton saying “But you don’t have to take my word for it!” And do you remember how he closed out every show? “I’ll see you next time!”

We want to let you know about two fun ways to revisit “Reading Rainbow.” First, the series co-creator Tony Buttino is coming out with a book, titled “Creating Reading Rainbow: The Untold Story of a Beloved Children’s Series” on June 18. You can pre-order here on Amazon. 

And second, on the 40th anniversary of the show last year, 40 full episodes of the series were posted on YouTube! You can also watch clips on YouTube of the stories, interviews, and location visits. Check it out!

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